The clear definition of art in funeral undertaking!

Believe it or not…, the new generation of funeral undertakers begins with us!

Established in 2017, Angel of Grief is a member of the Lesetja Mapogo Chuene Group SA (Lemac Group SA) with the sole aim of bringing freshness in the industry by providing State-Of-The-Art funeral services from primary to tertiary level.

We render the entire spectrum of funeral services in association with our sister company “Lemac Life” which provides funeral covers/burial societies to members. Lemac Life is also a member of the Lemac Group SA.

We provide our State-Of-The-Art funeral and burial services to both our members and non-members in all South Africa’s nine (9) provinces and the rest of the African continent.

Through our central office, customers can get 24hrs service; thus from membership application, death reporting and body collection to funeral services.

Thus we are there for you when you are in need and in times of grief.

24hrs of the 365 days of the year!