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This is a common way of laying a loved one to rest, where a normal funeral service is held, and procession leaves venue to graveyard with deceased in a coffin/casket transported in a hearse followed by family, mourners and other supporters. In most cases the last part of the funeral service is held at the graveside, and the body in the casket will be placed in the designated grave and closed accordingly.
Cremation is a matter of choice, but to some its a matter of culture or religion. It is a process of disposal of the deceased body by burning it to ashes. The process is done or performed at a crematorium typically after a funeral ceremony. The ashes are handed over to the family of the deceased to decide whether to keep at home as a remembrance or anything they wish or choose depending on the culture, religion or will of the deceased.
Angel Of Grief – The clear definition of art in funeral undertaking.
It’s just a matter of choice whether you or your loved ones should be buried in the morning, daytime or in the evening. Since nothing has come to our attention that funerals can’t be in the evening, considering that it’s only about cultures and beliefs; Angel Of Grief brought a new trend of Evening Funerals. We create a very comforting ambience with dimmed lights and candles that also gives a very powerful sense of mourning and healing at the same time.

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